Burn Your Unwanted Fat and Fit Back Into Your Skinny Jeans! Toned up and Look Great In Your Black Dress! Starting with 2 FREE Boot Camp Sessions Based in Chorlton…

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If you are SERIOUS about wanting to LOSE FAT FAST then give us 2 FREE Sessions with you to show you and get your journey started to getting the amazing body you have always wanted


  • Burn lots of ugly fat Get firmer arms, legs, thighs and buns
  • Feel better and have more energy
  • Workout in a Fun, Energetic, Supportive Enviroment
  • Learn how to eat for Maximum Fat Loss
  • Lose weight while getting stronger
  • Have higher Self-Esteem
  • Lose inches off your waist
  • Feel 5 Years Younger
  • Be much happier and healthier

Whats Involved In The Boot Camps?

Whats Included In The FREE Boot Camp Session?

  • 2 Free Fat Busting, Body Toning Boot Camp Sessions (Worth £20)
  • Free Fat Burning and Nutrition Secrets Ebook (Worth £17)
  • Phone Fat Burn Strategy Call – Planning Your Program for You! (Worth £29)

Who Are The Boot Camps Designed For?

The sessions are designed for people just like you, who may not have an amazing athletic ability but the simple desire to get fit and have the confidence to live the life that you want to live, By liberating yourself from physical constraints, be it by toning up, having a flatter stomach, firmer arms, what ever it may be.

We are specialized in this area of fitness and we will take you there step by step.

Starting with your very first workout with us.

“I’m Ready to Get Back Into My Skinny Jeans, How Do I Book?”

Simply enter your email below and I will contact you within the next 6-24 hours, answer any of your questions and then book you in for your 2 FREE Boot Camp Sessions

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Bryan Chan, Head Trainer

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“At DSD Fitness, We Specialize in Getting Clients Back into Their Little Black Dresses and Favourite Clothes, By Building, Toning and Losing Unwanted Fat in Key Vital Areas on Their Bodies”

Guarantees on Our Programs!

“I’ve lost a stone within a month and a half”

“I’ve lost a stone within a month a half, feel better and work more effectively thanks to the boot camp”

Satish B – Macclesfield (Yes he commutes 45 mins each way!)

We are based in Chorlton South Manchester!

Our indoor transformation studio is now based locally in Chorlton- Cum- Hardy, Click here for how to find us.

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