Manchester's Only INDOOR Bootcamp for Mums will get you trim, toned and fitting back into your old skinny jeans, make you feel 10 years younger, QUADRUPLE your energy, a sex drive of a TEENAGER, envy from all your friends, and keep fat from ever coming onto you ever again, Sound good? Then Get your ASS in and signup for a 2 week trial for FREE TODAY!

We take you from where you are now, to the body you want GUARANTEED AND you stay that way for LIFE.

The Manchester Boot Camp near Hale is now accepting new Mom’s to transform lives, read on to see how we can help you.

Dear Moms, 

Are you currently facing these problems on a day to day basis?

  • Your jeans being ever so slightly tighter than they used to be (or a lot)
  • Your stomach sticking out of your dress making you feel insecure in them?
  • Feeling like your slow metabolism is melting your once firm stomach into FLAB?
  • Your energy levels dipping to the point of not being able to keep up with kids and demands of your family on a day to day basis?
If so, then keep reading as I got something very exciting for you.

Here’s what happened to a few people who tried out the Manchester Boot Camp!

Nat lost 2 Sizes in 8 weeks (She lost more after this photo)

Manchester Boot Camp Testimonial For  Nat Los 2 Dress Sizes

Manchester Boot Camp Wendy Photo

Manchester Boot Camp Testimonial Photo

Want same results? Get yourself a Complimentary 2 week trial at the Manchester Boot Camp Facility Now!

Limited Spaces, Reserve your space while they are available

This Womens Only Body Transformational Boot Camp May Not Be For You, Make Sure You’ve Read The Below!

Please come if you:

  1. Have a wardrobe full of clothes you can’t fit into but can’t bring yourself to give to charity!
  2. You want to have so much energy your kids won’t be able to keep up with you!
  3. You are fed up of your current size and state of health and fitness
  4. You are willing to do whatever it takes to be in your previous size again and restore your youth!

Please do NOT come if:

  1. You constantly need someone to motivate and “drag” you along
  2. If you are just to give this a “try” and “see how it goes” believe me, you will NEVER drop any sizes with that mindset!
  3. You are not willing to take on a brand new mentality and set yourself for permanent success

boot camp manchester

Here is what you will get while being on this body transforming trial with us

  • Your own personal body transformation “concierge” to answer all of your questions and be your guaranteed fat loss coach.
  • Learn why eating less and counting calories will keep melting your firm body into FLAB especially if you have kids.
  • A Body Transformation Strategy Session  one on one with your personal coach to find out how we can get you even faster weight loss.
  • The Body Transformation Boot Camp Sessions are SO POWERFUL you will only need 33.5 minutes per session to see 200% results compared to your regular 1 hour “workout” – Never let time be an “issue” ever again!
  • Complimentary nutrition guide to make sure you see maximum weight loss during your trial.
  • A program that will make you see continued results if you choose to stay on board, that once followed, is guaranteed results or your money back 100%
  • An even more incredible never-seen-before TWICE YOUR MONEY BACK if you do everything I say and if you do not see the results we talked about in our Body Transformation session, you will make money out of me. Thats the difference between  Dress Size Down Boot Camp vs. your regular “personal trainer, fitness class, latin dance, or gym”
  • But before you pay ANYTHING, I want YOU to test drive my boot camp and GET RESULTS first and if you want to see continued results, THEN we can talk about a continued transformation program. Sound fair enough?

Here is How We Compare To “Traditional” Forms Of Fitness

manchester boot camp compare

Ready to Melt Fat & Fit Back Into Skinny Jeans You Haven’t Worn Since Having Kids?

To claim your complimentory bootcamp Body Transformation 2 week trial? Click the link below, it will take you to a secure page to enter your details and how to find us.

Limited Spaces, Reserve your space while they are available

See you at the camp!

DSD Fitness Team

Bryan, Mike

P.S, 30 days from now on, you will be a month older and quite possibly grow 5-8LBS heavier, OR you can choose to be 5-10LBs LIGHTER from this moment onwards. If you have that “pre baby” jeans piling dust in your wardrobe and you are fed up being in your current position right now then sign up for a free 1 week trial at the Manchester Boot Camp.

Theres nothing for you to lose here, its all win-win

P.P.S There are limited space in my Manchester Boot Camp so make sure to request your trial before I take down this registration page!.

P.P.P.S I do not discuss “rates” over the phone, I only deal with serious individuals who care only about results and not “trying things out and see what happens” My guarantees and testimonials demonstrate my confidence in YOUR results, but ONLY if you are willing to put in the work. If you are one of the serious individuals who is FEDUP of their body and wants to change (for the better) then enter for your free 2 weeks Body Transformation trial, see some results first, and then we can take things from there. Sound Fair? See you at the Camp!